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Touching Story…



Once upon a time there was a Carpenter.

He was reparing a table.

There was a sharp nail on it.

So he decided to remove it.

He removed it and kept nearby.

Unfortunately his young son got injured by Sitting over it and he lost lots of blood.

The carpenter went to a doctor.

The doctor said it would need lots of money to treat the boy.

The carpenter borrowed money from everyone and cured the boy.

But the carpenter was unable to repay the money he borrowed and so he committed sucide.

Seeing this his wife and son also committed suicide.

MORAL: Aaniyeee pudunga vendam…

Really heart touching story – Love


“Really heart touching story”
A Boy loved girl.

He proposed but she didn’t mind.

He gave love letter.
But she tored and threw on road after reading.

Boy collected those bit papers.
But his friends throw that again.

The boy decided to approach the girl for last time.

The girl said I am in love with you, but I need that tored papers.

The boy went to collect the papers that time meet an accident in front of the girl.

The boy’s blood splashed on the girls white dress.
Seeing that, the girl became unconcious.

So the girl’s parents took her to a “Manthravaathy”.
He said “Unga ponnu mela antha paiyan ratha [blood] karai iruku…”
Parents replied “Enna pannanum samy???”

Manthravaathy: “Andha karai, indha karai, endha karaiya irundhalum SURF EXCEL IRUKULA”

Sardar: Petti kadai

Sardar: Our suitcase kudupa…

Kadaikarar: Hello! Vethala pakku kadaila vandhu suitcase ketkura???

Sardar: Mister idhu “Petti” kadai thana…

Kadaikarar: !!!!????