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13 Syns you are falling in Love…


13  Syns you are falling in Love…

13 -> You can’t stay mad at her more than a minute.
12 -> You will read her SMS again & again
11 -> You will feel that you have conquered the world when you are with her
10 -> You will walk really slow when you are with her
09 -> While thinking about her, your heart will beat faster and faster
08 -> By listening to her voice, you will laugh for no reason
07 -> While looking at her, you cannot see the other people around you, you can see only her
06 -> You will start listening to slow songs
05 -> She become all you think about
04 -> You will get high just by her smile
03 -> You will realise that you are smiling to yourself when you think about her
02 -> You will do anything for her
01 -> While reading this, there was a girl in your mind for the whole time..


Crying Baby…

baby2Husband:  Kulandhai Azhuthukitu iruku, Nee adha gavanikama SERIAL patthukittu iruka…

Wife: Chumma irunga Kulanthaiyum SERIAl pathutu than Azhuvuthu..

Husband: !!!?????