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My Village Jallikkattu

My Village Jallikattu

Tattoo Lover Name

A wonderful situation:

That day I tattooed my GIRL friend name on my hand
Today by looking that my DAUGHTER is asking me – “Do you love me so much Dad?”


Once a person was crossing rope bridge,
he was scared because it was too high so he called his friend for help who is on the other side.
But he didn’t responded.
So anyhow he crossed the bridge and shocked to see that h
is friend holding the broken bridge.

Sometimes our friends will be quite but there will be strong reason behind that.
They help you more than you expected.

So Trust your FRIENDS always, because they are your FRIENDS.

So love friends forever 🙂


Wonderful formula to reach your goal:

“Practise like a DEVIL… and

Play like an ANGEL…”

– Sachin


A drunkan man was struggling to OPEN DOOR with key…

Friend asked: May I help you?

Drunkan Man: Dude just HOLD the house straight & I will open the DOOR…


Doctor: Unga Purusan Mandai Odanju
Ivvalavu ratham vara varaikkum
Enna Pannitu Irundinga?

Wife: Addichu Kittey Irundhan Doctor.

Doctor: ?????

Full Sarakku

Boy: Dai machan! Evlo Thanni Adichaalum
Mappu Yera Maatenkuthu machi…

Dai Ippo Nee Full Mappuladhan Irukka,
Naan un FRIEND illa,
un APPA da

Change in Life

It is said…
“There are only two reasons for your CHANGE”.

Either you have learned enough that you WANT to change
You have been hurt enough that you HAD to change…

Avoid Dipressed

Whenever you feel depressed…
Keep this in mind…

“Things are yet to happen…
Life is yet to go…
This is just a bend not an end…!”

Dual Heart Attack

Dual Heart Attack Message by a GIRL….

1st MSG: Lets break up now, its all over…

2nd MSG: Sorry, sorry… that msg was not for you…..